Rapid Pipe Repair Clamp

The Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair clamp was initially developed for domestic use and offers a quick and effective means of repairing a leaking pipe and accommodating leaking pipe fittings.

With Registered Design Protection, Granted Patents and receiving requests for upscaled versions, Kibosh Ltd recognised the opportunity to adapt the clamp for use in the oil and gas sector. Here, the Kibosh clamp could bring cost benefits by reducing or even eliminating downtime from loss of containment, whilst increasing asset integrity and allowing for easier and faster pipe maintenance.

Kibosh Ltd recognised the need for expertise in engineering design and approached OGIC to find a suitable academic partner. The AFRC is a world leading research centre focused on advanced manufacturing technologies and was selected to develop Kibosh’s current domestic pipe repair and proof of concept upscaled 1½” clamp towards a solution suitable for higher integrity oil and gas industry applications. OGIC part-funded the project with the AFRC.

The overarching aims of the collaboration between Kibosh and the AFRC were to develop the clamp from Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 2 to TRL 6, meeting the relevant industry standards for oil and gas applications and to manufacture 2” and 6” clamp concept models.

The team defined product requirements for a family of products in various sizes designed for different fluid media; component parts modelled in CAD were printed in onyx material and concept models in both 2” and 6” design variants allowed design assessment and enabled refinement of component form and fit. Having developed the product through several design iterations, once sufficiently refined, all required components were manufactured out of carbon steel. The assembled metal concept model depicts the design development undertaken to take Kibosh’s domestic rapid pipe repair device into the oil and gas industry.

The outputs from the project will form the basis for a design pack which will support the product qualification and ultimately its acceptance by the industry.

“This collaboration has been extremely effective, a strong partnership with clear communication and shared goals. The 2” and 6” clamps are well on the road to commercialisation. This is a project of which OGIC is rightfully proud”.

Mhairi Begg, Project Manager, OGIC

“This has been an extremely important part of developing the Kibosh rapid repair clamp for the oil & gas sector. We now have a clear and focussed route which follows the required industry standards. Getting the backing and support from OGIC and the guidance and knowledge from AFRC provided Kibosh Ltd the best platform to work from and ultimately gave the company the credibility which led to securing the right investors.”

Ross Dickinson, Technical Director, Kibosh Ltd

“We’re thrilled to have collaborated on this exciting project which is now on the path towards market acceptance. Our Product Realisation team integrated industry standards into the product design specification, a critical step towards commercialisation. The AFRC’s vast design for manufacture expertise also allowed us to select the most appropriate manufacturing routes.”

Rory Ingram, Product Realisation Team Lead, AFRC

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