Emergency Pipe Repair and Rapid Freezing Clamp

In 2011, KiboshTM launched the Rapid Pipe Repair clamp for domestic use.

Having identified a need for a quick and effective means of isolating a leaking pipe, Kibosh developed and launched a patented pipe repair clamp for leaking metal, plastic and multilayer pipes, winning design awards and innovation acclaim along the way.

With the clamp established in the domestic market, Kibosh Ltd received enquiries from the Oil & Gas sector and identified an opportunity. An oil and gas evolution of the Kibosh repair and freezing clamps would bring cost benefits by reducing and eliminating downtime from loss of containment, increase asset integrity and allow for easier and faster pipe maintenance.

Kibosh Ltd engaged with OGIC to identify a University to undertake research on the design and application of its patented domestic pipe repair and freezing clamps for use in Oil & Gas. The scope of work required the modification of the existing clamps within the recognised IP parameters; the identification of optimal construction materials considering the offshore environment, pipe fluid content, pipe fluid pressure and necessary certification, as well as the up-scaling of the solution to fit larger pipes. Kibosh Ltd selected Heriot-Watt University as their academic partner.

With this initial project phase ongoing, Kibosh Ltd took the opportunity to exhibit at the ITF Technology Showcase and Subsea Expo 2017, getting direct market response to the concept. Industry feedback indicated that the “Repair clamp” is an effective means of rapidly repairing leaks on a variety of pipes enabling the pipe and system to keep functioning.

Having developed and tested a prototype, the next scope of work will concentrate on upscaling to even larger diameter pipes and higher pressures, testing, validation and certification for real-world applications. The intended outcome of this next phase is to make the repair clamps suitable for permanent deployment.

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