The World’s Fastest leaking pipe Repair

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12mm, 12.7mm, 15mm, 16mm & 22mm, USA & Canada ½” & ¾”

How it works

The Patented Kibosh Pipe Repair is an instant and simple to use repair clamp for leaking metal, plastic and multilayer pipes. It is re-useable, can withstand 10Bar pressure and can even accommodate some leaking pipe fittings. Once fitted, the pipe can continue to function under normal pressures and temperatures until a permanent repair can be made.

Ideal for all trades people; Plumbers, Joiners, Builders, Electricians, Carpet Fitters, as well as maintenance, janitorial and DIY’ers who could perforate a pipe accidentally with a nail, drill, jigsaw or any other sharp power or hand tool. It can also be used by anyone who could potentially have a frost damaged burst pipe!

  • Quick, easy closing and effective leaking pipe repair
  • Can be fitted when the leak is still in full flow
  • Can accommodate some fittings
  • Excellent water saving and damage limitation device – prevent expensive insurance claims
  • Suitable for metal, plastic and multilayer leaking pipe
  • Can be fitted in tight spaces to clipped pipes and in joist notches – See Demo Video
  • Once fitted the pipe can continue to function normally – hot or cold!
  • Can withstand 10Bar/150PSI
  • Made from NON TOXIC materials

Take a look at the KIBOSH demo video on how to fix a leaking pipe


Kibosh Emergency Pipe repair

About Kibosh


Ross, your ‘Kibosh’ saved me a fortune! What had been a frozen pipe had started leaking and was discovered late one night! Luckily, had ‘Kibosh’ with other bits and pieces kept under the sink and problem solved in under 30 seconds!! Wouldn’t be without one!!


Great tool to have in the van, it works! Nailed a pipe with the old Paslode this summer, ran to the van ripped the kibosh out of the box thinking this is going to be a palava, My girlfriend could have put the tool on it was so easy . This pipe repair actually works! Good tool for a silly mistake, it saved me a painters wage!


Within 2 minutes of arrival we had clicked the kibosh on and were enjoying a nice cuppa waiting for the system to drain down, no stress and best of all no water damage. The Kibosh is so easy to install I reckon my cat could do it! I Would recommend any tradesman to keep one on board at all times, if you ever need to use it, it could save you thousands!!!!

Richard of the Hughes Brothers

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3 weeks ago

Kibosh Pipe Repair

So wherever you are in the world 🌍 🌎 you can order your “World’s Fastest Pipe Repair TM” from the webshop on www.kiboshpiperepair.com #tools #kibosh #tool #plumbing #plumbingapprentice #waterdamage #diy #trade ...

4 weeks ago

Kibosh Pipe Repair

Thanks @got2learn ! 👍🏻 ...

Thanks @got2learn ! 👍🏻


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Literally the coolest in the WORLD with the easy freeze version!

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1 month ago

Kibosh Pipe Repair

Great kit and well organised @campusplumber! 👍🏻 Available as always folks from the webshop www.kiboshpiperepair.com #plumber #worldplumbers #trade #plumbingapprentice #tools #prepared #professional #kibosh ...

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So wherever you are in the world 🌍 🌎 you can order your “World’s Fastest Pipe Repair TM” from the webshop on https://t.co/TtgO6zAzVl #tools #kibosh #tool #plumbing #plumbingapprentice #waterdamage #diy #trade https://t.co/i9W3yg59S2

My week on Twitter 🎉: 2 Likes. See yours with https://t.co/SHHl7gNWIe

My week on Twitter 🎉: 2 Likes, 2 New Followers. See yours with https://t.co/SHHl7gNWIe

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